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What we Do

Roles and Responsibilities

The Antigua and Barbuda National Accreditation Board is charged with the responsibility to:

• Register and re-register all tertiary institutions in Antigua and Barbuda
• Accredit and re-accredit tertiary institutions operation g in Antigua and Barbuda which offer programmes of study in Antigua and Barbuda
• Advise on the recognition of foreign-based institutions and the programme they offer
• Determine the equivalency of programmes of study and qualifications
• Promote a quality assurance ethos within Antigua and Barbuda
• Protect the interest of students
• Provide the public with information on the quality and recognition of programmes of study and institutions in order to protect the public interest
• Assure the credibility and acceptability of certificates, diplomas or degrees

Services offered:

• Conferment of Institution Title
• Registration and Re-registration of Tertiary Institutions
• Accreditation and Re-accreditation of Tertiary Institutions
• Program Approval
• Recognition of Foreign Programmes and Awards
• Equivalence Assessment
• Institutional Strengthening and Development
• Free Online Quarterly Newsletter
• Workshops and Seminars

Activities of ABNAB:

• Visits to Schools, Colleges, Service Clubs and other institutions
• Making presentations on Radio and Television
• Issuance of letters of recognition
• Assessment of qualifications
• Registration and re-registration of local tertiary institutions
• Accreditation and re-accreditation of local tertiary institutions
• Publication of a free online quarterly newsletter
• Publication of articles in the local newspapers
• Maintenance of a interactive and responsive Website
• Representation on Free Movement Committee
• Representation on Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards-Management Services Technical Committee