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What is MOOC? (Massive Open Online Course)

ABNAB Newsletter is also about presenting interesting and controversial developments in the world of education.  In this issue, we want to look at MOOCs. These are online courses which are conducted for the most part by reputable professors from a number of major universities. In some cases, they are sponsored by the universities themselves.

These courses however, are not accredited and persons doing them should be advised that they will not get transfer credits if they decide later on to enroll in a face to face degree programme.

Please use your search engine and type in ‘What is a MOOC?’.  There you will find videos and other information on MOOCs.

Are MOOCs, as some people are suggesting, the new face of education? Will the traditional model of tertiary education survive? Would you accredit MOOCs? Join the conversation. Let us know what you think.