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Equivalence Assessment

What does Equivalence Assessment mean?

Equivalence means that a foreign qualification is comparable to a specifically identified qualification officially issued in Antigua and Barbuda.

What services do ABNAB currently offer concerning Recognition and Equivalence?

i. Letter of Recognition: ABNAB issues official statements on the accreditation and/or recognition status of foreign and local institutions and qualifications awarded at these institutions.

   Normal Processing Time: minimum 10 working days
   Processing Fee: EC$20.00 for a maximum of three (3) searches

   Express Service: 48 hours
   Processing Fee: EC$75.00/qualification

ii. Equivalency Assessment: ABNAB issues official statements on the equivalence of foreign qualifications to national qualifications.

   Normal Processing Time: minimum 20 working days
   Processing Fee: EC$25.00 per qualification

   Express Service: 48 hours
   Processing Fee: EC$50.00/qualification