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Equivalence Assessment

The expression ‘the world is now a global village’ is often used by persons who marvel at how lives, cultures, and economic and political systems of the nations of the world have become so closely connected, even intertwined, in fact.

People in our region have embraced the opportunity afforded by jet travel to visit all parts of the world. Places which some time ago were considered ‘far flung’ or ‘on the other side of the world’ and therefore inaccessible to us, are now just hours away.

We have students attending universities in non-English speaking countries and in unfamiliar educational systems.

This results in graduates returning to their home territories with qualifications that may not be readily understood and so encounter difficulties when they seek employment or a promotion at work or when they try to gain admission to other educational institutions to pursue further study.  Often, the literal translation of non-English documents does not provide the clarity needed. These qualifications have to be evaluated and explained in terms that local persons can relate to.

Equivalence assessment is one of the services offered by ABNAB.  We are able to provide an interpretation of what the foreign qualifications mean when measured against the familiar standards. At ABNAB, we also assist clients who have successfully completed a number of short

courses and want an assessment of their currency, as well as others with a variety of equivalency concerns.