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CARICOM Skills Certificate

FAQ’s on Skills Certificate, the Free Movement Committee

The Antigua and Barbuda National Accreditation Board (ABNAB) is represented on the Free Movement Committee (FMC) which is the body which reviews and considers applications for CARICOM Skills Certificates in Antigua and Barbuda. ABNAB verifies the authenticity of the certificates presented to the FMC. Applicants who meet the required criteria for the certificates, are recommended by the Free Movement Committee to the Competent Authority in Antigua and Barbuda.

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Who represents the Antigua and Barbuda National Accreditation Board (ABNAB) on the Free Movement Committee (FMC)

ABNAB is represented on the FMC by the Executive Director or her alternate.

What is the role of ABNAB on the committee?

The role of ABNAB is to review and verify qualifications of all applicants for certificates and advise the Free Movement Committee accordingly.

What is a Skills Certificate?

A Skills Certificate is a document/certificate which allows any qualified CARICOM National to move and also work in any Member State with his/her family without any immigration and work permits restrictions.

What are the categories of workers who qualify?

The list is as follows:
   · University graduates
   · Media Workers
   · Sports persons
   · Artistes
   · Musicians
   · Artisans, Domestics with CVQs
   · Associate Degree Holders
   · Nurses
   · Teachers
   · Domestic workers

What are the benefits of having a Skills Certificate?

You never know what opportunities might arise which would cause you to move.
The Skills Certificate allows:-
   · Ability to move freely with family
   · Definite entry for six months
   · Indefinite stay in a Member State
   · Elimination of work permits

Are there other aspects of the Free Movement which I need to know about?

Yes, other aspect involves non-wage owners being able to establish businesses in Member territories.

These are three categories:
   · Self-employed CARICOM Nationals
   · Companies and other legal forms of business organizations
   · Managerial, technical and supervisory staff can move with these companies

What documents must I present when applying for a Skills Certificate?

The list is as follows:
   · Academic and /or professional certificates
   · Police certificate of character
   · Letters of reference

Anything else that I need to know?

Ultimately it is your personal choice as to whether you wish to avail yourself of the opportunities open to CARICOM Nationals for free movement either through
   · CARICOM Skills Certificate or
   · Right of Establishment

However, ABNAB can provide further information so you can make an informed decision.